Welcome to the Da Vinci Institute: School of Business Leadership


Research at The Da Vinci Institute primarily aims at resolving practical challenges and contributing to the professional development of managers and leaders who will be able to conduct transdisciplinary research that will produce innovative and cutting-edge management solutions to economic and commercial challenges faced at a national and/or international levels. In essence, the research development agenda at Da Vinci serves to enable management and leadership professionals to realise their true potential by:

  • Developing research acumen that would enable them to contribute applicable knowledge in their field of study and derive practicable solutions to the challenges they face;
  • Acquiring expertise and critical knowledge in an area at the forefront of the field, discipline or practice and the ability to conceptualise new research initiatives, and create new knowledge or practice;
  • Developing new methods, techniques, processes, systems or technologies in original, creative and innovative ways appropriate to specialised and complex contexts;
  • Identifying, addressing and managing emerging ethical issues and to advance processes of ethical decision making, including monitoring and evaluation of the consequences of these decisions where appropriate;
  • Producing substantial, independent, in-depth and publishable work which meets international standards, is considered to be new or innovative by peers, and makes a significant contribution to the discipline, field, or practice; and
  • Acquiring competence to design systems and develop technology and innovation-related activities to meet transformational imperatives and targets.

What is Plagiarism?

According to Merriam Webster (2017), plagiarism is defined as “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.” As an academic institution, The Da Vinci Institute is committed to raising awareness to students about the importance of submitting their own and original work. In this context, a lack of paraphrasing, incorrect referencing and a lack of referencing constitutes plagiarism.

How can Da Vinci help you!

The Institute assists students in their understanding of what constitutes plagiarism, the levels of plagiarism and how to paraphrase and reference correctly, in the following ways:

The documents above are found under the “important documents” on Moodle. Kindly contact your Programme Convener if you require any information or assistance accessing any of the above documents.

Strive for originality!



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